There are several search possibilities in Unee-T

  • By Case Number
  • By terms (enter one or more keyword that are mentioned in the case title, the case description or the case conversation)
  • Advanced Search (desktop) – Based on filtering criteria
    • By dates
    • By people
    • By the value of one of the advanced fields in the case
  • With a combination of all of the above

Search for a case by Case Number or keywords:

Click on the ‘search’ icon on the Cases page

You will see the search page, with a list of your recent searches (if any)

Enter the Case Number to immediately find the case you are looking for

You can also enter a keyword to reveal relevant results

You can also Use filters to narrow down your search.

Advanced Search (desktop):

Access the Search page anytime using the ‘search’ icon in the top navigation bar

On the Search page, you will see two tabs – by default, the ‘Simple Search‘ tab is selected.¬†Click on ‘Advanced Search‘ to access more filters

You can search for cases using keywords and phrases in the Case Summary; choose whether the Summary contains ‘any’ or ‘all’ or ‘none’ of the search terms, and whether the search terms appear ‘in any order’ or ‘in exact order’

Each time you hit the ‘return’ or ‘enter’ key on your keyboard, the keyword or phrase you type will appear as a search term. Delete any search term by clicking on the ‘x’ icon

You can also filter by Location, Role, Status and Resolution of the case. For instance, under Location, select all the locations you want to search within from the dropdown menu

Each location you check against will appear as a filter. Again, any filter can be removed simply by clicking on the ‘x’ icon. Once you are done with entering the search terms and selecting the filters, hit the ‘Search‘ button at the bottom of the page

The search results will be displayed on the right. You can also click on the ‘Save Search‘ link to save a particular set of search parameters


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