By default, the Case assignee and the Case reporter always see the case in their list of cases.

It is possible to invite more users:

Directly after creating a case:

Once a case is created, you can click on ‘Invite people‘ link in the conversation screen


A dialogue box will appear


Choose one or more people from the list


If the user is not in the list, click on the ‘Invite new user‘ to enter the email address and role of the user for this unit


Once you click ‘Send invitation’, a confirmation message will appear


The person invited to the case will receive an email with information about the case and a ‘magic link’ that will take them directly to the details of the case, so that they can reply to you directly in Unee-T.

The best part is that there is no need for the invited person to download or install anything on their mobile!

The invitation will be marked as ‘Pending’ until the invited person accepts it

At any time after the case was created:

Click on the ‘Add User‘ button on the bottom right of the case screen

A dialogue box will appear and you can choose one or more people from the list

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