This documentation is still Work In Progress

Unee-T allows you to create and run multiple reports on cases, users, units.

From the Unit Page:

You can create a report from the Unit page: click on the ‘add’ button at the bottom right of the screen.


Once you are on the ‘Create Report’ window:

Fill in the information about the report:

  • Choose the unit from the list (by default the case is assigned to your role in the unit).
  • Give the report a title
  • Add the people involved in the unit to allow them to view and endorse the report (the user who created the report will be added by default).
  • Click “Add case” to report any issue found with the unit.


To add room:

Click on “Add room” under the Rooms section.

In the Add room screen:

  • Add the room title
  • Describe the condition of the room
  • Attach photos by clicking “Add new” to take a photo of the room with your mobile camera to support the description of the room and to provide a good image reference of the room
  • Click “Add case” to report any issue with the room


To Add an Inventory Item:

Click on “Add item” to add an item to the inventory. Adding items to the inventory will help in making an inventory count of the items in the room.


In the Add Inventory item screen, fill in the information about the report:

  • Take photos with your mobile camera to add photos of the item
  • Add the product title
  • Add Item description
  • Input the quantity of the item


Endorse the report you created:

Once all information is filled, click “ENDORSE”.


From the dialogue box that appears, sign and submit your signature.

After you have endorsed the report you created, you will see your signature next to your name under People involved. You can save draft if there are more rooms to be inspected or click “Complete” when you are done with the room inspection.


A confirmation message will appear.

The people involved in the report will be notified and they will be able to view the rooms, view issues and endorse the report.


To share the report:

Click “Share report” to send a copy of the report as PDF.

Choose one or more people from the list of people involved or enter the email address of the person you would like to send the report to.


Once you click ‘Send’, a confirmation message will appear.

The people you have chosen to send the PDF report will:

  • Receive an email notification about the report with the PDF document attached.
  • This email will include a magic link that will send them directly to the view the report online.

After the report is created:

On the unit page under “REPORT”, you will be able to view the report you created or involved in.

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