Go to ‘Units‘ under the navigation menu

Click on the ‘Add Unit‘ link

A form for adding a new unit appears. Clicking on an ‘info’ icon will bring up a tip explaining the purpose for a specific field

The only mandatory information to create a unit is to have a name or alias for that unit.

This is the name we will display to everyone who might have to work on a case (like your electrician, the property agent in charge, etc…)

  • A generic name like ‘My home‘ might be confusing for a contractor who handles many units with Unee-T.
  • A specific mention of one of the stakeholders like ‘Franck’s home‘ might also create confusion: is Franck the Tenant or the Landlord?

A good name or alias for a unit is something like ‘Unit 01-02 – Tower 3‘ for an apartment, ‘Suite 102 – Knoll Street‘ for an office, or ‘123 Main street‘ for a house.

Fill in the screen with the details about the unit; once all mandatory fields are complete, the ‘Add Unit’ button will be activated


Adding an address to the unit helps other stakeholders (contractors, Property Agents, Management Company) identify and find this unit.

This is also useful if they need to go there to fix an issue (water leakage, electricity repair, etc…).

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