There are several ways to create a new case:

From the list of all cases:

On the Page which list all cases, click on the ‘Create New Case‘ button at the bottom of the screen

From the Unit Page:

You can also create a case from the Unit page: click on the ‘add’ button at the bottom right of the screen.

Once you are on the ‘Create Case’ window:

Fill in the information about the case:

  • Choose the unit from the list (by default the case is assigned to your role in the unit).

  • Give the case a title
  • Add more Details about the case.
    Make sure that you describe the problem so that other people have a good understanding of what the issue is.
  • You can also add more optional information which will help you finding and sort cases:
    • Priority
    • Severity
    • Case Category
    • Case Type

You can change the role you want to assign the case to.

Option 1: the role you have chosen is associated with an existing user:

The ‘ADD CASE‘ button becomes active

Click on the ‘ADD CASE‘ button to create the case.

Option 2: the role has not been associated to any existing user yet:

If you select a role which has not been assigned any user yet, Unee-T will display an alert message and ask you for the email address of the person in that role so we can send him/her an invitation to collaborate with you on this case.

Enter the email address of the person

The ‘ADD CASE‘ button becomes active

After the case is created:

Once the case is created you’ll be sent directly to the case conversation

From there you can

What happens for the people in the Role you have chosen after you have created a case:

This part of the documentation is still Work In Progress

The people you have chosen as assigned to the case will:

  • Receive an email notification about the new case.
  • This email will include a magic link that says: ‘Click here to view case’ that will send them directly to the case.

  • See the case in their list of Unee-T cases

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