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Feature Overview

Unee-T is THE Web App to manage incidents in your properties! Unee-T has been built by and for people who work with properties. Because of that Unee-T natively understands the challenges and specificity of managing incidents in the Real Estate world. There are a a few simple concepts and key features at the core of […]

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Where can I find the latest information and news about Unee-T?

The best place to find the latest information about Unee-T is on our blog. Here you will find information about: Our latest releases News about us All the other things that we feel are important for you to know about us. If you are interested to know more about our tech and the current state […]

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What is the Unee-T Dashboard?

Unee-T has 2 main interfaces: The modern, mobile friendly interface: case.unee-t.com. The more powerful (albeit older) dashboard interface which allows advanced reports and gives manager an overview of what’s happening in their properties: dashboard.unee-t.com. The dashboard is the ‘legacy’ interface for Unee-T back from when it was used as a mostly internal tool to manage […]

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