This API allows authorized users to retrieve information about the Units that they are allowed to see in Unee-T.

Useful links:

Where do I get the API Key for a user?

How to access:

The Endpoint is accessible here:

html format:

You can also access the API via any modern browser:
Go to https://case.unee-t.com/api/units?apiKey=[user_api_key].

Available information

With this API you will be able to get the following data:

Title:DefinitionExample of a payload:
_idThe unique ID for the unit“0P2GInI2fWwV2nO6H”
displayNameThe name/designation of the unit“332 Tanjong Katong Road “
unitTypeOne of the following values:
– Apartment Block
– Apartment/Flat
– Condominium
– Hotel
– Hotel Room
– House
– Office
– Other
– Restaurant/Cafe
– Room
– Salon
– Shop
– Shopping Mall
– Unknown
– Villa
– Warehouse
createdAtThe timestamp when the unit was created in Unee-T.
This is UTC time.
streetAddressThe Street Address“1 Olympic Boulevard “
cityThe City“Melbourne”
zipCodeZIP or Postal Code“123456”
stateThe State (if applicable)“VIC”
countryThe Country (ISO list)“Australia”
moreInfoMore information about the unit (description, detailed information, etc…)“More info about the unit. “
designatedRole Your role in that unit. This can be one of the following values:
– Contractor
– Management Company
– Tenant
– Landlord/Owner
– Agent

More details on the payload:

The REST API will return the following:

        "_id": String (ObjectId),
        "displayName": String,
        "unitType": String (enum),
        "createdAt": String (Date in ISO format),
        "streetAddress": String,
        "city": String,
        "zipCode": String,
        "state": String,
        "country": String,
        "moreInfo": String
        "designatedRole": String

Test it in the DEMO environment:

The Endpoint is accessible here:

The API keys for demo users are available in our introduction to the DEMO environment!


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