This API allows automatic login for 3rd party app.


You need to have a Unee-T Enterprise account.

Automatic login flow instructions for 3rd party apps

Step 1

POST to with the following request body:

    "creatorApiKey": "...",
    "userApiKey": "..."
  • creatorApiKey is the MEFE API key for the master user for your organization This requires a Unee-T Enterprise Account
  • userApiKey is the MEFE API Key for the user you want to log in as This requires a Unee-T Enterprise Account

This request should respond with the following details:

    "token": "256285",
    "userId": "npt8xFdyiRQGcWEMv"

Step 2

Use the details from step 1 to construct a URL and open a browser/WebView for the user with the following URL template:<requested path>?userId=<userId>&otp=<token>

<requested path> can be any valid path the 3rd party would like their user to access immediately after the automatic login is completed. For example: case/302/details
No action will be needed to be taken by the user to access the requested path.


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