Unee-T has 2 main interfaces:

  • The modern, mobile friendly interface: case.unee-t.com.
  • The more powerful (albeit older) dashboard interface which allows advanced reports and gives manager an overview of what’s happening in their properties: dashboard.unee-t.com.

The dashboard is the ‘legacy’ interface for Unee-T back from when it was used as a mostly internal tool to manage cases. It has been built for desktop and is not optimized for mobile screens: there are just too many information and functionalities there!

On top of the capability to create, assign and manage cases, the dashboard is also the ‘control tower’ which helps you get a general overview of your cases and keep you up to date about what’s happening in your units.

You can:

  • Manage case dependencies and link cases together: this allow you to display cases in a tree like structure so you can visually see what might be the blocking issue in a case.
Dashboard - Case dependancies
Dashboard – Case dependancies
  • Create powerful searches and filter case by any criteria, including cases which have been changed between certain dates or cases that have a Next Step within the next 2 days.
    You can then save these searches and filter to use them on a regular basis to organize your work.
Screenshot - advanced search Unee-T dashboard
Screenshot – advanced search Unee-T dashboard
  • Create advanced report to monitor what’s happening and send you automated alerts if need be.
  • Export data for further analysis.
Screenshot - Common searches and reports Unee-T dashboard
Common searches and reports Unee-T dashboard

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