It always best to see a tool in action, this is why we have created the Unee-T Demo environment.

You do NOT need to install anything on your mobile to run Unee-T: even though it looks like an app it is a 100% web based application. We have chosen this technology so that Unee-T user avoid the hassle of downloading one more app on their phone. This also frees up memory space on your mobile device so you can store more things there.

In our demo environment you can access:

The demo environment has been pre-populated with demo users, demo units and demo cases.

You want to see how easy it is to create a case? You want to know what happens when someone is invited to a case? You can try it out yourself in our demo environment.

Please note that the demo environment is deleted and re-created every Saturdays.
Any case you might have or invitation that you might have sent will be deleted.

The Demo Users:

NameLoginPasswordUnit and Roles
Leoneltest+leonel@case.demo.unee-t.comleonel- Agent for Unit 1
- Agent for Unit 2
Marleytest+marley@case.demo.unee-t.commarley- Landlord for Unit 2
- Landlord (Occupant) for Unit 3
Michaeltest+michael@case.demo.unee-t.commichael- Property Manager for Unit 1
- Property Manager for Unit 3
Michael works together with Sabrina as property Manager.
Sabrinatest+sabrina@case.demo.unee-t.comsabrina- Property Manager for Unit 1
- Property Manager for Unit 3
Sabrina works together with Michael as property Manager.
Celestetest+celeste@case.demo.unee-t.comceleste- Property Manager for Unit 1
Jocelyntest+jocelyn@case.demo.unee-t.comjocelyn- Co-Tenant (with Marina) in Unit 1
Marinatest+marina@case.demo.unee-t.commarina- Co-Tenant (with Jocelyn) in Unit 1
Reginatest+regina@case.demo.unee-t.comregina- Landlord for Unit 2
Marvintest+marvin@case.demo.unee-t.commarvin- Contractor for Unit 1
- Contractor for Unit 3
Lawrencetest+lawrence@case.demo.unee-t.comlawrence- Property Manager for Unit 2
Anabelletest+annabelle@case.demo.unee-t.comannabelle- Contractor for Unit 2

The Demo Units:

UnitUsers Involved
Unit 1- Leonel (Agent)
- Marley (Landlord)
- Michael and Sabrina (Property Manager)
- Jocelyn and Marina (Co-Tenant and occupant of the unit)
- Marvin (Contractor)
Unit 2- Leonel (Agent)
- Regina (Landlord)
- Celeste and Lawrence (Property Manager)
- Anabelle (Contractor)
Unit 3- Marley (Landlord and Occupant)
- Michael and Sabrina (Property Manager)
- Marvin (Contractor)

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